the parlor story

a wood oven and a simple vision for a rustic italian eatery is where it all began. that foundation and a long, creative journey has lead us to where we are today. our commitments to craft, value, freshness, and environment have successfully propelled the parlor forward through each changing season, and each passing year.

this building originally housed the salon de venus — a mecca for bobs, beehives, and nearly six decades worth of “cutting edge” hair styles and spa treatments. the owners of the salon decided to hang up the sheers in 2007. through some luck and good fortune, the mei family was able to claim the space and begin dreaming up the parlor. during the massive renovation, a large portion of the old building was demolished and repurposed into all of the wood elements you see around the room, including the tables you will sit at. the salon de venus lives on in the new and sustainably built interiors.

so hopefully you find all of that interesting, but let’s be honest—it’s really all about the food. the parlor is fully committed to offering a menu that reflects the best ingredients each season has to offer. this is the core of our simple and approachable food philosophy. everything we serve is handmade daily, including all of the breads, pastas, and pastries.

serving this community and having a positive impact on the budding food culture of this desert oasis will always remain our passion and our mission. thank you for coming on this journey with us and thank you for the years of continued success. we look forward to many, many more!